Tanulással kapcsolatos vonzatos igék


Újra itt az iskola! Lássuk a tanulással, oktatással, kurzusokkal, vizsgákkal kapcsolatos angol vonzatos igéket (phrasal verbs) egy-egy példamondat kíséretében!


to add up (sg)

definíció: to calculate the total of several numbers or amounts
jelentés: összeadást végez, összead vmit
példamondat: I'm not very good at adding up in my head.

to take sg from sg

definíció: to subtract sg from sg
jelentés: kivon vmit vmiből
példamondat: Take ten from twenty and see what you have left.

to fill in sg

definíció: to provide information or details, usually by writing sg in a blank space on a test, form, etc.
jelentés: kitölt vmit
példamondat: Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

to cross out sg

definíció: to draw a line through sg so as to designate its removal or need to be disregarded
jelentés: kihúz, áthúz vmit
példamondat: I crossed out all of the words that need to be deleted in the next draft.

to jot down sg

definíció: to write sg down, often in haste
jelentés: lefirkant vmit
példamondat: Let me just grab a pen so I can jot that number down.

to put down sg

definíció: to write sg down
jelentés: leír, lejegyez, felír vmit
példamondat: Let's put down some of these ideas on the whiteboard.

to take in sg

definíció: to understand and remember sg that you hear or read
jelentés: felfog, megért vmit
példamondatI'm not sure how much of his explanation she took in.

to brush up (on) sg

definíció: to practise and improve your skills or knowledge of sg 
jelentés: felfrissíti a tudását vmilyen téren 
példamondatI took a class to brush up my German before the trip.

to go over sg

definíció: to practise and repeat sg in order to learn it
jelentés: átismétel vmit
példamondatSue's going to help me go over my lines for the play.

to read over sg

definíció: to read sg carefully to look for mistakes or check details
jelentés: átolvas vmit
példamondatYou should always read over your work to ensure there are no spelling mistakes.

to run through sg

definíció: explain or read sg quickly
jelentés: gyorsan átfut, átismétel vmit
példamondatLet's run through the irregular verbs one more time. 

to read through sg

definíció: to read all of a document, book etc. 
jelentés: átolvas vmit
példamondatRead the contract through carefully before you sign.

to fall behind (with sg)

definíció: to make less progress or be less successful than other people
jelentés: lemarad (vmivel)
példamondatHe was a smart boy in school, but he fell behind due to his illness.

to catch up (with sy)

definíció: to improve in order to reach the same standard as sy
jelentés: behozza a lemaradását, felzárkózik vkihez
példamondat: You've missed a whole term; you'll have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the class.

to miss out sy/sg

definíció: to fail to include sy or sg, usually by accident
jelentés: véletlenül kihagy, kifelejt vkit/vmit
példamondatYou missed some important points out of your essay.

to make up for sg

definíció: to compensate for sg
jelentés: bepótol vmit
példamondat: You'll have to work hard today to make up for being late yesterday. 

to mix up sy/sg

definíció: to confuse two things or people
jelentés: összekever vkiket/vmiket
példamondatJack has difficulty with visualising numbers and often mixes them up.

to hand in sg

definíció: to give sg to a person in authority
jelentés: benyújt, bead vmit
példamondatAll essays must be handed in by Tuesday.

to hand out sg

definíció: to give things to different people in a group
jelentés: kioszt vmit
példamondatWould you hand these papers out for me?

to opt for sg

definíció: to choose a particular option or thing
jelentés: választ vmit
példamondatPeter was unsure what to study in college, he eventually opted for business and law.

to sign up (sy) for sg

definíció: to enlist or enroll oneself or sy in something
jelentés: beirat(kozik) vhová
példamondatMy mother signed me up for piano lessons on the weekend.

to drop out (of sg)

definíció: to leave sg (e.g. an activity, school, or competition) before its end
jelentés: kiesik (vhonnan)
példamondatToo many students drop out of college after only one year. 

to kick sy out (of sg) 

definícióto force sy to leave a place, course, job 
jelentés: kirúg vkit (vhonnan)
példamondatThey kicked him out of school just as his final year was to begin.

to put sg off

definíció: to postpone sg to a later time
jelentés: elhalaszt vmit
példamondatDue to his severe illness, he is forced to put off his exams until he regains his health.

to look sg up

definíció: to seek information about sg or sy by looking in a book or on a list, or by using a computer
jelentés: kikeres vmit

példamondatI didn't know what 'loquacious' meant and had to look it up in a dictionary.

to find out (sg) (about sg)

definíció: to discover a fact or piece information you did not know

jelentés: megtud, kiderít (vmit) (vmiről)
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