Do we know each other?


Although Christmas the festival of love and joy celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is over, general love and compassion for others should not be forgotten until the next holiday season. Love for others - whether relatives, friends, or strangers - may take various forms. Sometimes it is a helping hand offered to those in need or not turning a blind eye to others' distress. It may also be lending an ear to those who have something to get off their chest without the urge of giving some 'clever' advice. However, above all, it means respect. Respect for others' boundaries, opinions, and values even if we do not agree with them or understand them.

It may sound a cliché but you need to be kind to other people because you never know what they have gone through or are going through. But how does the seed of prejudice take root in people? What consequences does judgement have, if any? Is it possible at all to break the vicious circle of hatred? For some possible answers watch the cautionary as well as touching short film below, which was nominated for and won numerous awards. Not without merit. You will also find a list of terms after the film that will help you understand the dialogue.


Title: Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times
Year of release: 2017
Genre: Drama
Writer: Marcus Markou
Director: Marcus Markou
Length: 12 minutes
Recommended proficiency in English: B1 and above 


cash point - készpénzkiadó automata
to chop sg off - levág vmit
founder - alapító
CEO - vezérigazgató
to make sy an offer - vkinek ajánlatot tesz
to fit in - beilleszkedik
he/she is not a finished article - még van mit tanulnia
honest - becsületes, tisztességes
to be keen to learn - nagyon szeretne tanulni
familiar - ismerős
Any change to spare? - Van pár fölösleges aprója? / Tudna adni egy kis aprót? 
if I have to be honest with you - az igazat megvallva / őszintén szólva
sg will tie sy over for a couple of weeks - vki kihúzza vmivel pár hétig
to get back on one's feet - újra talpra áll (átv. értelemben is)
Don't worry mate! - Semmi baj, haver!
everything falls in the place for sy - minden rendbe jön vki számára
Look after yourself! - Vigyázz magadra!
bucket - vödör
to catch germs - elkap valamilyen kórokozót
to process the information - feldolgozza az információt / érti a hallottakat
to express oneself - kifejezi magát
volunteer - önkéntes
resident - (bent)lakó
Don't you worry about a thing! - Neked semmi miatt nem kell aggódnod!
to go for a stroll - sétálni megy
I take that as a yes. - Ezt igennek veszem.